Self-confessed 'home wrecker' teaches you how to spot a cheater

A self-confessed “home-wrecker,” who loves being a mistress to married men, shared her top tips on how to spot a love rat this Christmas.

Amy Kupps, 32, from North Carolina, came out ahead of the festive season to reveal the “red flags” you should look out for in your other half to see if he’s stepping out.

Grim research suggests that cheating is set to spike during the December season, especially at drunken office parties, with a recent survey by AYRE Event Solutions showing 14% of Brits have kissed a colleague.

Kupps, who shares racy snaps with her 83,000 Instagram followers, considers herself an expert in the art of extramarital affairs, having split from her adulterous ex-husband after he cheated on her.

Speaking to Jam Press, Kupps said: “No one ever wants to think their boyfriend or husband is cheating on them but there can be lots of subtle signs you would never normally notice.

“Also, a woman’s intuition is the most powerful tool in your arsenal, if you suspect there is something going on, follow your gut.

“Chances are you’re right and he is up to something.”

Kupps shares what she believes are the biggest red flags and changes to look out for in your other half.

Being just a bit too nice

If your partner starts being nicer than usual, this could be a sign they are up to no good.

Kupps said: “There are the obvious ways like being overly pleasant, especially if he’s not normally attentive.

“Something else is he starts buying you random gifts that he doesn’t normally do, like flowers or jewelry.

“For me that’s a huge red flag.”

If there’s an unusually big package under the tree, this could also be a sign they are sharing their own with someone else.

If they start to get forgetful

Are they listening with one ear when you talk? Do they keep forgetting to do important things that they’ve promised?

This could be a very bad sign.

Kupps said: “One point that I think many people overlook is when their other halves become suddenly forgetful.

“It usually means their mind is elsewhere and you don’t have their full concentration.”

More showers, more affairs

Beauty routines might change, but if you notice that your partner is showering more frequently or constantly using aftershave or perfume, beware.

Kupps said: “Is he showering more than usual? Slapping on the aftershave and suddenly shaving his balls and crotch?

“For me that’s a big cause for concern.

“You have to ask yourself why they’re washing so much and if it’s to get rid of any unsavory smells like a woman’s ‘scent’ or their perfume.”

Their style changes

If your partner changes their look or starts putting more effort into their overall appearance and it’s different from what they used to do, there could be a reason.

This is an even bigger red flag if it’s specifically on weekdays and they’ve mentioned a new colleague at work.

Ask yourself, whom are they dressing up for?

Kupps said: “Ironed or fresh clothing, maybe they’ve started wearing new clothes or making more effort.

“These things sound obvious and sometimes it’s purely innocent but if he’s getting dressed up to go out when you’re not around, then it’s time to wonder why.”

Funny phone behavior

Are they guarding their phone closely? Suddenly grabbing it whenever they leave a room?

Kupps said: “If your other half starts going everywhere with his phone, gets funny if you touch it and always leaves it face down, this is a big red flag that they’re cheating.

“Another thing to check is if they clear their browsing history after using a laptop, tablet or phone.

“What are they looking at that they don’t want you to see?”

This story originally appeared on the Sun and was reproduced here with permission.