Model Amelia Gray on her favorite Italian luxury goods

Model and influencer Amelia Gray may have celebrity parents (Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin), but she’s focused on making a name for herself, recently walking in New York, London, and Paris fashion weeks; amassing 1.1 million Instagram followers; and famously dumping her former boyfriend Scott Disick.

(The 20-year-old also skips using “Hamlin” professionally.)

Though her Italian heritage is on her mom’s side, it’s her dad who makes “the most incredible bolognese,” according to Gray, the namesake of Rinna Beauty’s new “Amelia” lip kit, dropping in December.

“My friends make fun of me because I am addicted to pasta — thank you, Dad!”

She’s also addicted to Italian luxury fashion: Bottega Veneta was her first amore, but here are a few others she can’t live without.

“These are perfect for winter. I’d wear them in the snow or to go out. This color is incredible!”

“I just moved to New York, and a tote bag is perfect for walking around the city. This one’s comfortable, spacious and stylish.”

“The emerald eyes are so piercing, almost mesmerizing. I’m absolutely obsessed with this ring.”

“Loafers are a definite staple in my closet. I wear them everywhere and with everything. These are amazing because they add a little height, while still wearing a flat.”

“I’m super into the woodsy scent of this mixed with a potent vanilla eau de toilette that I got in France.”

“I love this one, but I am obsessed with all the Rinna Beauty products.”

“This bag is absolutely everything and more. I wear it almost every day.”

“I’m having a really big skirt moment right now. This red Miu Miu mini is so sexy and can be dressed up or down.”

“Absolutely unique! You’re literally wearing a snow boot with a heel. Who doesn’t want that? It’s so chic!”

“This ring is such an empowering symbol. To me, the serpent represents confidence and strength.”

“Frank Sinatra was a huge part of my upbringing, because my grandfather always played and sang along to his music and explained why it was so great. Growing up, ‘My Way’ and ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ were my favorites — and still are.”

“Priori is a small science-based skin-care line that has truly changed my skin for the better.”

“The spicy, earthy smell of this candle from Hotel Costes in Paris is just so cozy!”

“Rimowa luggage is practical and cute!”

“I love this cookbook because it’s easy for beginners and has a range of recipes to switch up the palette a little!”

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